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Stonehenge, Avebury and Associated Sites

With internet firms increasingly investing in new technologies and applications to make their websites attractive, social and interactive with e-store customers, less is known about the success drivers for one type of e-store, namely online dating sites. This article aims to empirically examine the effects of the two customer-focused web functions: customer self-presentation and peer-interactivity on firm-performance using data from a Chinese dating website. The findings confirm the crucial role of self-presentation for a dating site, where it also significantly influences the level of peer-interactivity, traffic to one’s profile page, and firm performance.

Yet, the effect of peer-interactivity is not evident from this sample. Overall, this study offers measures in a structural model, findings from which would help e-marketers to strategically appropriate web investments in either function for enhancing firm performance. Online dating in Western societies has formed a mature industry and competition has entered a stage where firms are increasingly targeting even smaller niche markets for customers of specific races, regions and professions for differentiation and profitability.

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Sexual violence most often is perpetrated by someone a survivor knows, and this includes intimate partner relationships. There are many different terms to refer to sexual violence that occurs within intimate partnerships, including: intimate partner sexual violence, domestic violence, intimate partner rape, marital rape, and spousal rape. Intimate partner sexual violence can occur in all types of intimate relationships regardless of gender identities or sexual orientation.

Intimate partner sexual violence is not defined by gender or sexuality, but by abusive behavior. Sexual violence in a relationship is rarely an isolated incident. It often occurs alongside other forms of abusive behavior, including physical and emotional abuse. Intimate partner sexual violence often starts with controlling behavior that can escalate to further emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. To learn more about dating and domestic violence, visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline website.

If you have experienced sexual assault by an intimate partner, it can be challenging to come forward for many reasons.


An increasing number of adult patients have been seeking orthodontic treatment, and a short treatment time has been a recurring request. To meet their expectations, a number of innovative techniques have been developed to accelerate orthodontic tooth movement. Significant acceleration in orthodontic tooth movement has been extensively reported following a combination of selective alveolar decortication and bone grafting surgery with the latter being responsible for the increased scope of tooth movement and the long-term improvement of the periodontium.

Six patients who have been diagnosed as class I malocclusion with bimaxillary protrusion were selected. All the patients reported the minmalpain and mild swelling 2 days following the surgical procedure. The mean treatment time for these patients was

Interrelationship Between Coronavirus Infection and Liver Disease and that these may be sites of active viral replication and either direct or indirect 10, ​14, The largest published study to date encompassed

The goal of the study was to determine how men and women would differ on individual dimensions of these constructs and to identify those dimensions most strongly associated with relationship quality and sexual satisfaction. Among the 5 categories of intimacy assessed emotional, social, sexual, intellectual and recreational , the only sex difference observed was that women reported higher sexual intimacy scores.

The sexes did not differ on any of the three relationship scale measures general relationship, conflict, and communication but on the sexuality scale, men reported higher scores than women on sexual satisfaction, sexual communication, positive attitudes toward sex, desire for more physical contact, and on their rating of partner’s level of sexual dysfunction.

Men also assigned lower sexual attitude scores to their partner than did women. The most consistent predictors of relationship functioning for both sexes were scores on three sexuality measures that did not differ between the sexes: conventionality, sexual behaviour, and respondent’s assessment of their own level of sexual dysfunction. Studies on the interrelationships between intimacy, relationship functioning, and sexuality should incorporate not only global measures of these three broad constructs but also measures of the specific dimensions from which these global constructs are derived.

Although at least one study found a minority of women in whom high levels of sexual satisfaction were associated with only moderate levels of marital satisfaction Apt et al. However, there is some suggestion that this relationship between sexual satisfaction and relationship satisfaction may not be direct.

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Constructions of home; the interrelationship between gendered exhibition sites and contemporary Canadian installation art. Date:

Policy agencies are now re-visiting early aspirations that sport, as a form of physical activity, can be an instrument to foster general health and also subjective well-being SWB. Both of these concepts capture physical and mental health states. SWB also encompasses broader psychological and life satisfaction as well as mood and affect. Past and current policies also identify a link between sport, social capital and SWB. The effect is mediated through general health. The results also show that there is no relationship between social capital and sport but a clear relationship between SWB and social capital.

The multiplier effect occurs because once someone engages in sport and has their general health and SWB enhanced, then even further sport participation becomes likely, and subsequent general health and SWB, which would comprise both physical and mental health benefits. To target traditional non participants the research suggests that physical activity should be promoted for enjoyment, with health benefits subsequently following. Sport has long been a policy instrument aimed at improving the overall quality of life.

There is now a long standing policy focus on countering the rising level of physical inactivity. This reflects an environment in which there is now increased international policy emphasis on promoting general quality of life through the enhancement of subjective well-being SWB. In the UK this has manifested itself in official data being collected on SWB 9 and the recognition that social capital as well as general health requires to be measured as part of SWB.

It has tended to focus on subsets of the interrelationships between the variables, which means that policy is based on partial insights. As Dolan, Peasgood and White 11 indicate there used to be a gap in the literature exploring the effects of exercise on health and SWB based on large-scale data.

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An interpersonal relationship is a strong, deep, or close association or acquaintance between two or more people that may range in duration from brief to enduring. The context can vary from family or kinship relations, friendship , marriage , relations with associates, work , clubs , neighborhoods , and places of worship. Relationships may be regulated by law , custom , or mutual agreement, and form the basis of social groups and of society as a whole.

The interrelation between the two is brought out in this paper. Article #. Date of Conference: March Date Added to IEEE Xplore: 20 June Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions.

As a therapist, one of my favorite things to do is help my patients find everlasting love. I suppose I’m just a romantic at heart. When one of my newer patients informed me that he prefers to date non-American women, I was quickly intrigued. I asked him what it was about foreign women he found so appealing.

He happily told me some of the characteristics he enjoyed. He liked their unique cultural perspective, their different way of being in the world, and personally found these relationships to be more rewarding and fulfilling for him.

Canada and the United States

Stonehenge and Avebury, in Wiltshire, are among the most famous groups of megaliths in the world. The two sanctuaries consist of circles of menhirs arranged in a pattern whose astronomical significance is still being explored. These holy places and the nearby Neolithic sites are an incomparable testimony to prehistoric times. Stonehenge en Avebury in Wiltshire behoren tot de meest bekende megalithische monumenten ter wereld.

De twee heiligdommen bestaan uit cirkels van menhirs gerangschikt in een patroon waarvan de astronomische betekenis nog wordt onderzocht.

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In recent years the divide between areas of law, which have hitherto been perceived, in most systems of jurisprudence, as relatively and mutually distinct, has narrowed and in some instances all but disappeared. This tendency is perhaps no more dramatically illustrated than in, which for a better description, might be termed the area of financial regulation. When the present author started teaching a course in the University of Cambridge on financial services regulation in , the perception among those of his colleagues who regarded such things, was that this formed part of the corpus of corporate law.

Of course, this analysis is only partly justified, and beyond the area of corporate finance law is misconceived. On the other hand, the commercial lawyers, who — at least in Cambridge, have been regarded or perhaps more accurately tolerated, as being a little more academically respectable than pure corporate lawyers, were distinctly unsympathetic to the notion that financial services law is in part akin to banking law and therefore a subject more suited to mercantile law. Given the author’s predilection to weigh more heavily those aspects of the law that are protective of society, rather than facilitative of enterprise, it is not surprising that he ventured more and more into the realm of prohibitions, sanctions and even the criminal law.

Take for example, the abuse of price sensitive information obtained by those in a confidential position, by virtue of that privileged relationship, to trade on the basis of that information in corporate securities — in other words, insider dealing. Is this properly regarded as a matter for the traditional law relating to directors and officers, and thus, company law, or given the fact that most countries today seek to curb such activity on the basis that it harms confidence in the integrity of public markets, a matter of public, and in particular criminal law?

While such a debate may appear somewhat academic, even if it does result in the demarcation of courses and the like, it can and occasionally does have a very real practical significance. For example, in some jurisdictions, such as the USA, the Federal Legislature is competent to legislate on matters pertaining to international trade and finance, and thus the protection of the markets, but not matters of traditional company law.

On the other hand, it has been contended in jurisdictions such as Canada that given the uncertainty attaching to the Federal Legislature’s competence in regard to the financial markets, it is better to consider insider abuse as a matter of company law. Similar issues arise in the context of the competence of specific organs of the European Union and, of course, are not uncommon in the demarcation of competence between domestic agencies, whether of law reform or enforcement.

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Studies on the interrelationships between intimacy, relationship functioning, and ), the evidence to date has indicated a strong association between these.

Related to interrelation: remonstration , interrelationships. Switch to new thesaurus. Mentioned in? References in periodicals archive? He conceived it as an alternative to the typical experience of many first-years composition students by offering a theory-based, rhetorical approach to composition that stresses the interrelation between the acts of reading, writing, and image analysis. NBI initial probe shows no link to destab plot in local execs’ slays.

Like previous editions of the UNWTO World Forum on Gastronomy Tourism, this forum will explore gastronomy as the essence of culture and an element of intangible heritage and the interrelation between gastronomy and tourism that can enhance sustainable local development. In a scope of the goals that cover many sectors, it needs to satisfy interrelation of sectors and tie up with a policy.

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